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Styling, be it subtle or obvious, gives architectural and interior photography a "lived in" quality, luring the observer into the image, seeking an emotional connection with the subject being photographed. Styling serves to draw the viewer into the space itself, enabling one to imagine being there.

The amount of styling varies from assignment to assignment. Sometimes interior photography will be shot "clean", with minimal or no props. The styling may dictate that the focus be purely on the design elements of the space, with no distractions. This approach is particularly effective with modern and contemporary styles of architecture and interior design.

Most often, props for styling are found and used within the rooms of the project itself. However, certain items may need to be brought in to augment what’s on hand. Fresh flowers bring life and splashes of color to an interior space. Dining rooms set for feasting and living rooms set for entertaining invite the viewer to sit down and relax. Potted plants, crackling fires and even the occasional house pet add vibrancy and interest to exterior porches and patios.

If it is determined that props should be used in the styling of a project, they can be supplied by the client, homeowners or stylist. The details of providing props should be discussed in advance of the shoot, so that they are available for use when the shoot begins.

"Debbie and Roger are, bar none, the best architectural and interior photography team in the business. They each play a crucial role, with Debbie setting up the décor and Roger getting that perfect shot with his camera.

They have helped me showcase my work for the last 20 years and their portfolio speaks for itself. It is always a delight to work with them - true professionals. Thank you for all your help over the years."

-Tom Blackburn
Pioneer Log Systems
Kingston Springs, TN