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Once an estimate has been reviewed, signed, and confirmed, the assignment is then scheduled. The craft of a commercial and residential photographer is considerably more involved than simply clicking the shutter on a camera and there is much preparation to be done before a project can begin to be documented.

We typically generate 14 views in a normal day of shooting. Prior to the shoot, it may be helpful to compile a shot list of what you think you need photographed and to visualize how the images will ultimately be used in your marketing and promotional efforts. While we are totally at ease working independent of direct oversight, we recommend having a representative present, at least at the beginning of the shoot, to do a walk through of the project and discuss views and angles. Client involvement is particularly relevant in a cost-sharing situation, where each party is entitled to photography that works for their promotional purposes and showcases their achievements.

Check out our blog for more detailed information on how to plan and prepare your project for a commercial or residential photographer, as well as what can be expected during a photography shoot.

"I have worked with Roger and Debbie for roughly 10 years and I love what they do. We build fantastic homes and they make them sparkle in pictures. If it wasn’t for Roger Wade Studio’s work, our portfolio wouldn’t be half of what it is today."

-Peter Lee
Teton Heritage Builders
Big Sky, MT
Jackson, WY