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The preliminary stages leading up to an architectural photo shoot begin with a consultation regarding your project’s basic info, its location, and the extent of the documentation required. Potential scheduling opportunities and the inclusion of additional parties who may want to participate are also discussed.

For multiple companies who have an interest in using the images we create, cost-sharing can be an effective way to maximize marketing dollars. In such a scenario, if an architect, interior designer and builder all want photos of the same project, costs for an assignment are shared by the participants. A surcharge is added to the photographer's fee to extend licensing rights to multiple parties.

Once we have collected the necessary information to calculate the cost of an assignment, detailed estimates are drafted for each participant, which include the photographer’s fee, styling fee, digital processing, props if needed and travel expenses for completing the project.

"It’s nice to work with a vendor in whom you have complete confidence. Not only does Roger Wade Studio produce beautiful work, they also manage their shoots completely, from the first contact with the homeowners.

When Riverbend contracts with RWS, we don’t have to be the "middle men" — we just give Roger and Debbie the address and they take it from there."

-Amy Campbell
Riverbend Timber Framing
Blissfield, MI